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Laminated glass or high impact glass is a type of safety glass that, when smashed or broken, will not shatter into pieces... instead it will hold together. For this reason, this kind of glass is great for windows and glass doors as it can prevent the serious injuries caused when ordinary plate glass breaks. Laminated glass is made up of a polyvinyl butyral (PVB), which is layered between sheets of glass. Polyvinyl butyral is a type of resin which is strong, binding, clear and adhesive. When it breaks, the broken glass will adhere to the PVB and create a web like crack instead of shattering, breaking up and spreading. The broken laminated glass of windows and doors will stay together, making cleaning easier and ensuring everyone’s safety. Now you can protect yourself and your family against possible injury by replacing existing glass with the safety glass. The experts at Best Glass Guys will happily answer all your questions and offer specialist service and Best in class replacement laminated glass anywhere in Palm Beach County. There are different types of laminated glass. The most popular type is a standard clear laminate mostly used for residential and commercial sliding doors, store front windows and doors. Clear laminated glass also comes in various finishes, including: frosted, tinted, high performance coated laminates which are very beneficial in homes or business premises. Laminated glass has multiple uses, including: skylights, exterior storefronts and in areas where the need for glass to remain in one piece after impact is vital.

Laminated glass is composed of several layers.

For example:

* The top layer – this is glass * The interlayer – this includes transparent thermoplastic material such as PVB, EVA or TPU * Another interlayer – this includes LED on a transparent conductive polymer * Another interlayer – this includes another layer of thermoplastic material such as PVB, EVA or TPU * The bottom layer – this layer is glass

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